Anonymous asked: What brush do you use :O

ok so i get this question a lot and ive realized that the only brushes ive been using lately i made myself so! i just put them up for download bc its easier than explaining with images/words what settings i use and um yeah

here u go

these are the only two i really use right now, the bigger one for coloring and the little one for lineart/sketching/flat colors yEAH!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: what program do you usually use to make gifs in? is it hard as a beginner?

just good ol photoshop! and nah its not hard at all, just draw your picture, go to save for web… and adjust the settings there

easy peasy lemon squeezy

Anonymous asked: would you mind sharing your gif settings for your pictures?? i tried playing around with them but they don't come out as nicely as yours, aa u__u



Anonymous asked: i haven't felt like drawing at all in weeks and was wondering how my favorite artists deal with it. how do you handle this kind of thing?

maannn i feel your pain ive been in an art rut for like months and im just starting to get out of it 

i try to draw my way through it! usually just quick scribbles and stuff unless im feeling up to doing something more polished. ive tried just…not drawing and waiting until ~~inspiration hits~*~ but that never really works and ends up making it worse so i would recommend to uh. not do that

hope you feel better about drawing soon!!