Anonymous asked: One of your pieces is on the tumblr radar!!

i saw!! it’s super weird refreshing tumblr and seeing that post on the side of my page like. what are you even doing over there whaaaat

but yeah! it’s really cool i’m super flattered and honored!!

Anonymous asked: Did you give this person permission to use your design? etsy(.)com/listing/174060014/american-horror-story-coven-11oz-ceramic?ref=sr_gallery_17&ga_search_query=coven&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_search_type=all

no, i didn’t :( and there’s even more stuff on etsy being sold with that image without my permission! UGH

i reported some stuff being sold with that image a little while ago that i believe were taken down so it’s kinda disheartening to see more pop up again. thanks for letting me know, though!!

Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice for designing good characters? I love your space babes ;_;

thanks so much! hmmm i guess my best advice would be to just keep it simple! use simple shapes and limited colors, etc. that’s pretty much all i really think about when designing characters, anyways!

check out this really good post about character design it’s very useful and good. YEAH

Anonymous asked: Did you submit any other digital works with your portfolio?

nope, everything i submitted was traditional! (all the stuff i submitted is on my blogspot, btw!)

Anonymous asked: Hello :) I've seen your portfolio (it's amazing, btw) and I've been wondering what pen/pencil you used for the line work in the sketchbook? (ex. the Crime Fighting Grannies bit.) The lines look interesting. Sorry for the vague question :/ If you reply, thanks :)

not 100% sure on this since its been like, 2 years since i drew those, but i’m preeeety sure its a faber castell pen!

Anonymous asked: I love your art so much asdfjksafj do you do livestreams? :ccc

thanks a bunch!!!

hmm well i have in the past!! and by that i mean the last time i did was maybe a year ago? maybe ill start doing some again! MAYBE

Anonymous asked: What brush do you use :O

ok so i get this question a lot and ive realized that the only brushes ive been using lately i made myself so! i just put them up for download bc its easier than explaining with images/words what settings i use and um yeah

here u go

these are the only two i really use right now, the bigger one for coloring and the little one for lineart/sketching/flat colors yEAH!!!!!!!